Our Mission


The Wing Chun Brotherhood is a product of the training philosophy of Nicholas Gregory who ran a private training club in NYC, and his student Adam Prato, who has been the steward of this mission.

Through meeting practitioners from around the world and exchanging philosophies regarding training and teaching, instructor Nicholas Gregory came to believe that it is crucial to push one’s limits through varied, extensive training, but it is equally important to cross-hands with as many practitioners as possible to expand knowledge of the art.

The Wing Chun Brotherhood is rooted in the belief Wing Chun, and martial arts in general, as a way of connecting with other people. Rather than debating the merits of different styles and lineages of Wing Chun, we view these as parallel paths on the same journey of personal growth. By remaining open-minded, and having the courage to try different approaches to the art, we are constantly refining our training methods.