July 8th – Pressure Tested Wing Chun – Sifu Rahsun Herkul

July 8th 2023 – Sifu Rahsun Herkul returns to NYC! Join us for a full day of training in Manhattan with Sifu Rahsun as he will be presenting his seminar on Pressure Tested Wing Chun!.

Pressure Tested Wing Chun

Sifu Rahsun Herkul is a Chief Instructor of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association ranked as Provisional Master. Watch his interview!


Sifu Rahsun will be providing an in depth explanation and demonstration of his Pressure Tested Wing Chun practices. The 20/20 program is a two person set designed to give the practitioner a practical understanding of the applications and the timing of each form. The seminar is broken up into four components:

Sil Lim Tao 20/20
In the SLT 20/20 program you will train the first form against an opponent and learn to be the opponent

Chum Kiu 20/20
In the Chum Kiu 20/20 program you will train the second form against an opponent and vice versa

Lao Sao
This is a drill developed from my “Own your stance” program that helps to blur the lines between the pre-contact stage and the contact/exchange stages of combat

Chi Sao to Sparring
Back to basics drills from Chi Sao; double arm, parallel, cross arm, and double palm

The seminar will be held on July 8th in Manhattan. We will announce the location by June 15th as the location may need to increase based on registration.

To register:
Seminar Fee: $125
Referral Discount: $100
Contact Wing Chun Brotherhood via email facebook or instagram
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Adam Prato / adam.prato@gmail.com / info@wingchunbrotherhood.com
Rahsun Herkul / Sifurahsun@gmail.com