Paulo “GN” Rubio’s TIME WARP 2023 – NYC Seminar – Nov 11th

November 11th  2023 – Paulo “GN” Rubio comes to NYC! Join us for a full day of training in Manhattan with GN as he will be presenting his seminar on TIME WARP – Knife Training.

Paulo “GN” Rubio has built a massive following with his extensive training and knowledge. He takes a broad and diverse look at tactical training through mixed martial arts and self-defense from a law enforcement, military, and responsibly armed civilian perspective. He is a disruptor in the martial arts and tactical worlds by bringing this knowledge to the masses..

GN will be providing an in depth explanation and demonstration of his TIME Warp Curriculum. The seminar is composed of 4 topics and will be delivered with a mixture of scenario training and theoretical introduction.

1. It will focus on decision making under extreme time constraints and how we can make adjustments to classical training methodologies to improve outcomes in edged and impact weapons exchanges.

2. I intend to share some gems I’ve picked up along the way from the worlds of defensive tactics, combat sport, law enforcement and military training so that they can be applied to Filipino Martial Arts.

3. There will be a short classroom portion where I front load the training with a bit of science to support the material.

4. We will validate through progressive sparring and pressure testing relative to the participant’s willingness, physical capability and with everyone’s safety in mind.  This portion may be done in the last hour so that those who elect not to participate can still observe, take notes and learn how to pressure test the material safely with their home groups.

The seminar will be held on November 11th in Manhattan. We will announce the location by October 15th as the location may need to increase based on registration.

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