Adam Prato

Adam Prato trained under Wing Chun Brotherhood founder Nicholas Gregory from 2014 until 2017. As Nicholas’ last NYC student, Adam trained privately and completed the empty hand and knife forms before Nicholas relocated back to the U.K.

Adam is an enthusiastic practitioner of Wing Chun and as part of training was encouraged to meet instructors and students from other schools and lineages. As one of the main stewards of Wing Chun Brotherhood’s mission, ownership of the Wing Chun Brotherhood was transferred to Adam when Nicholas departed back home to the U.K.

In the years since, the Wing Chun Brotherhood has developed into a widely supported community of martial artists. Through regular meetups the Wing Chun Brotherhood has grown in interest with visits by Instructors and students from across the world, bringing together martial arts practitioners from many styles and Wing Chun practitioners from many schools and lineages.