Applied Body Mechanics 2024 – NYC Seminar – May 11th

May 11th 2024 – Applied Body Mechanics comes to NYC! Join us for a 2-day mini-camp in Manhattan where Coach Ernie Barrios strips Wing Chun back down to its basics.

ABMVT NYC workshop
Day 1

  • Overview on how to use whole body geometry to maximize speed power and effecient natural power lines (using legacy form to check and test power line)
  • Balance, leverage, and mental/focal targeting vs legacy techniques with isolated limb energy
  • Increase whole body striking. More natural footwork and kicking
  • Not just triangles but triangulating in motion (how to cut off, track and occupy the center of gravity)
  • Using modified legacy drills to retune to your natural whole body frame power
  • Using focus mitts to develop whole body triangle frame striking / footwork and kicks

Day 2

  • Deep dive into these concepts in lop and chi sau frameworks