Fight SCIENCE 2023 – NYC Seminar – Sep 10th

September 9th 2023 – Dr. Mark Phillips returns to NYC! Join us for a full day of training in Manhattan with Dr. Phillips as he will be presenting his seminar on Fight SCIENCE 2023.

Fight SCIENCE 2023

Dr. Mark Phillips is an expert in violent behavior. A full time professional martial arts, self defense instructor and security consultant. Dr. Phillips began his study of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master James Sinclair in 1986, and is now a senior instructor in the world renowned UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. He is also a registered instructor of the prestigious Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, and has over 30 years teaching experience. Although he started Judo in 1984 he eventually stopped for some years only to return in 2003. With a new ignited passion for grappling he earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2013. Awarded by Professor Marc Walder (4th Degree) who he began training with in 2005.

As well as holding a PHD in Criminal Psychology from the University of Liverpool, he has taught martial arts, self protection, and criminal psychology in over 20 major cities in the world. Countries including The United States, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea have been privy to his vast experience. He is now the Head Instructor at London’s famous Wing Chun Academy. Watch his interview!

Mark Phillips

Dr Phillips will be providing an in depth explanation and demonstration of his Fight SCIENCE Curriculum. The seminar is composed of topics and will be delivered with a mixture of scenario training and theoretical introduction.

Practical Psychology : Dealing with Fear. Getting your Head in Gear.

Risk Assessment : Situational awareness, Criminal vs Social violence

Self Defense : Attack cues, Body language

Scenarios : Arguments, Surprise Attacks

The seminar will be held on September 9th in Manhattan. We will announce the location by March 15th as the location may need to increase based on registration.

To register:
Seminar Fee: $125
Referral Discount: $100
Contact Wing Chun Brotherhood via email facebook or instagram
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