Nicholas Gregory

Nicholas Gregory is the first student to complete the Wing Chun system under Ip Man fight choreographer Leo Au Yeung and has been authorized by Leo to teach the system in New York.

As a lifelong student of martial arts, Nicholas has trained in kung fu in Shaolin, Tai Chi in Guilin, and Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand. Through his experiences abroad, Nicholas came to view martial arts as one part of a holistic system of a diet and exercise to stay healthy in both body and mind. To strengthen the body, Nicholas merges natural movements, calisthenics, and body weight training to give his students the stamina needed to progress in their Wing Chun journey. Understanding that a healthy diet is also an essential part of any athlete’s training regiment, he draws from his knowledge of biohacking to coach students, other martial artists, and leaders of New York’s finance industry in fitness and nutrition.

To strengthen the mind, Nicholas emphasizes the importance of proper breathing techniques in every class. Drawing from his experiences as a professional scuba dive master and his extensive training in combat arts, he has adapted the urban practice of Wing Chun to address stress and anxiety of modern life.

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